Newline Investors

Full-service investment firm dedicated to helping our clients

An investment company engaged in several sectors, including real estate, medical, IT leasing & financing, and Hospitality. The company’s principal objective is to grow shareholder value while making meaningful impact in the societies in which its businesses operate.

our approach

We rely on operational improvements, growth strategies, and partnership with existing or new management teams to create significant value. The combination of our team’s deep expertise , decades of industry knowledge and external partnerships allow us to deliver measurable results, increase predictability and build sustainable lasting value in our companies.
We are committed to maintaining strong corporate governance policies and best practices. The company has set forth policies and procedures for establishing the highest level of business integrity and accountability.

Empowering small & medium businesses with progressive IT Solutions since 1986.

Why we do IT

Newline Direct, a member of the Newline Investors Group, provides information technology solutions to organizations across the world. While technology can fuel organizational growth, it can also be very complex to purchase and maintain. It’s our mission to eliminate those complexities for the hardworking IT staff behind the scenes.

How we do IT

By aligning our professional services with globally sourced products, we’re able to provide one line of support to small businesses, schools, and government entities worldwide. We’re proud to supply IT teams with servers, storage, networking, software, hardware and much more.
Our web store then seamlessly integrates its operations with numerous suppliers in order to automatically generate exceptionally priced orders for fulfillment; giving our clients 24×7 access to IT products and services.
Aside from a great solution offering and certified staff, Newline Direct assigns a high level of importance to its quality assurance. Newline Direct is certified in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 international standards – not only to preserve but also to continuously improve its processes to ultimately better serve its customer.

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Our passion for technology transfers into our support